Practical Guidance on Developing Successful Strategies to Achieve Positive Formulary Determination

Some of the most perplexing challenges for managed markets, contracting and pricing professionals in the modern health care marketplace are posed by the interrelated concepts of health outcomes data, market access determinations and value-based contracting.

These concepts seem to offer a panacea for promoting care efficacy and cost efficiency, however, they also pose challenges with respect to ensuring data accuracy, fair representation of target populations, preferred formulary placement and contract execution.




ACI has designed this forum as a true think tank to give stake holders in these areas and across various functions from legal, to corporate to operations an open symposium in which they can explore, debate, and discuss the challenges associated with developing successful strategies to present and evaluate proofs which both public and private payors are requiring to achieve positive formulary determinations. This forum will also allow the opportunity to explore how the call for value-based contracts over the traditional volume based model will affect current contracting methods.


In-Depth Insights on:


  • The standing of HEOR, market access and value based contracting within the public and private payor domains
  • The collaboration between HEOR and Market Access teams to achieve preferred formulary placement
  • Market access challenges related to Medicaid in relation to rare diseases
  • The difficulties of transitioning to value-based agreements from traditional contracting methods
  • Fraud and abuse and anti-trust dilemmas associated with HEOR, market access and value based contracting



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