Learn how companies are strengthening their insider threat security programs, and resolving new security, compliance, employment and privacy law challenges.

Insider threats are rapidly increasing-with new risks and vulnerabilities presenting themselves non-stop!  With no shortage of intentional and unintentional data leaks by employees-along with the staggering costs to government and industry- there has never been a more critical time to stay on top of emerging security, compliance and liability risks.

Government agencies have also intensified their efforts and, in some cases, have flagged suspicious individuals and more to companies and financial institutions.

With so much on the line, combatting insider threats has become a cross-functional responsibility. CSOs, CISOs and more security professionals, General Counsel and compliance leaders are all accountable for controlling and mitigating insider threats.

In response, American Conference Institute is pleased to announce the inaugural forum on Insider Threat Risk Management. Experts in cybersecurity, counterintelligence, threat analysis, data protection, privacy, compliance, and legal exposure will provide key updates and the newest, lesser-known best practices.

2021 Highlights
  • The hidden lessons for strengthening an insider threat security program and staying ahead of the curve
  • Employee background checks: Setting the record straight on what you can (and cannot) do in practice
  • How industry is using AI and other monitoring technologies for predictive threat detection
  • Overcoming the biggest hurdles to sustaining a corporate culture of reporting and breach prevention
  • Managing compliance and security risks posed by remote workers
  • The finer points of third-party vendor risk management: Mitigating insider threat risks from the outside
  • Insider threat awareness training for employees: Taking stock of what works- and what doesn’t
  • Debunking privacy law myths: The lengths and limits of effective monitoring-and the biggest pitfalls that can land your organization into trouble