Recent Case Law Rulings Impacting Allocation: Before Coverage and Allocation Can Even Be Addressed, Examining the Latest Significant Choice of Law Issues and Key Variations in How States Deal With Competing Interests for Insufficient Limits and

June 23, 2016 8:05am

Peter L. Tracey
Perkins Coie LLP

Julie Dean Larsen
Kutak Rock LLP

Sophie Lambrou Seibert
Claims Manager
Starr Adjustment Services, Inc. — A Member of Starr Companies

Alexander E. Potente
Sedgwick LLP

Allocating among multiple policies is a jurisdictionally sensitive issue. With different states having different laws, it is important to keep abreast of what various states are contemplating and what approaches they are taking when dealing with the issues of allocation. This session will provide you with a comprehensive review of the year’s most important rulings. Follow along as counsel well versed in the new caselaw developments over the past year engage you in an indepth examination of the recent decisions impacting allocation. Participants will learn what these cases reveal about trends in insurance allocation as well as recommendations for how practitioners can update their strategies in response to recent developments going forward.