Managing Your Global Workforce: Proven Practices to Streamline Global Export Controls Compliance Efforts

Feb 5, 2019 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Joseph Kim
Senior Director

John Pisa-Relli
Managing Director, Global Trade Compliance

The objective of this working group is to identify challenges in managing global export compliance for a company with your workforce operating under many different jurisdictions. Session leaders will discuss policy, procedures, systematic processes to manage the challenges, including:
  • Managing the global workforce in line with your export authorizations and agreements
  • Strategic planning to decide the right vehicles of authorization for your employees and contractors
  • It’s more than juggling! How to efficiently manage export compliance, hiring, and anti-discrimination
  • Managing the global movement of employees during migrations, relocation of ExPats, and contractors deployed throughout your global network
  • How to respond to the follow common scenarios:
    • Expiration of authorization
    • Non-U.S. employee transfers to a different program
  • Reconciling varying jurisdictional compliance requirements
  • Managing regional authorization requirements with global compliance objectives
  • Creating a culture of international collaboration and foreign national participation