The American Conference Institute returns to Chicago for our International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Boot Camp, a course designed to provide a step-by-step, “soup to nuts” approach to compliance for the military and defense industries delivered by a blend of industry experts and government decision-makers. As the initial phases of Export Control Reform come to a close, you need to be informed of your changing regulatory obligations. Our pragmatic approach proves critical for all parties of export transactions to fully understand their respective obligations under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

2016 ITAR Boot Camp topics will include:

  • Key agencies, registration requirements, and helpful resources
  • Post-Reform ITAR: jurisdictional determination processes and revised definitions including “specially designed”, “technical data” and “defense services”
  • Submitting a commodity jurisdiction request
  • How to obtain an ITAR license: common mistakes, the electronic filing process, and avoiding RWAs
  • Utilizing license exceptions and understanding their scope and limitations
  • Complying with DDTC’s Foreign, Dual and Third Country National rules and regulations
  • Securing ITAR agreements: TAAs and MLAs
  • Understanding “Broker” and “Brokering” definitions and implications per the ITAR
  • Restrictive party screening for end-use and end-user requirements, your supply chain, and other third parties

Pair your attendance at the ITAR Boot Camp with the EAR Boot Camp the two prior days with an Elite Pass.* This comprehensive approach will provide your export compliance team with all the tools necessary to understand and comply with obligations under both sets of regulations.

*Highly recommended for companies who are both EAR- and ITAR-controlled.