Attention Labor Relations professional:

The dynamics have changed in the industry with:

  • New election rules shortening the time between petition for union representation and union formation
  • NLRB’s expansion of jurisdiction into nonunionized employer arena
  • Employee handbooks violating NLRB’s regulations
  • Social media policies chilling employees right to engage in “protected and concerted activities”
  • Joint employer and franchisor-franchisee issues

That is why you cannot afford to miss American Conference Institute’s LABOR-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS SUMMIT! In addition to unparalleled networking opportunities, this conference will provide attendees with the latest insights and expert advice from our exceptional faculty through sessions on:

  • NLRB’s Latest Developments: Decisions, Trends, and What’s in the Pipeline
  • “Ambush”/“Quickie” Elections: Implications and Practical Effects so far of NLRB’s Rule to Shorten the Election Period
  • Non-Traditional Modes of Organizing: Importing of the “Works Councils” Model into the United States and Use of Social Media in Campaign Organizing
  • Purple Communications and Efforts to Regulate the Conduct of Non-Unionized Employers by Regulating Employee Work Rules Policies in Areas of Employee Handbooks, Use of Employers’ Email Systems During Non-Working Time,
    Access to Employer’s Property, Mandatory Arbitration Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, and More
  • Social Media and the Reach of the “Protected and Concerted Activities” Language: Understanding What “Protected and Concerted Activity” Means and Attempting to Design a Good Social Media Policy Which Doesn’t Run Afoul of
    NLRB’s Regulations
  • The Status of the “Joint Employer” Standard Expansion and Potential Implications: Redefining the Relationship Between Franchisees and Franchisors as well as Redefining Who the Employer/Employee is
  • Bargaining Unit Composition – “Micro-Units”: Understanding NLRB’s Procedures Under Specialty Healthcare with respect to Micro Bargaining Units and How Employers Should Adapt in Response
  • Protection of Non-Union Status: Proactive Strategies for Maintaining Positive Employee-Employer Relations

Register now by calling 1-888-224-2480 or by faxing your registration form to 1-877-927-1563. You can also register online.