Navigating the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency World: Exploring the legal, compliance, technical, operational and business hurdles arising from these new technologies

The past few years have been eventful when it comes to blockchains and cryptocurrencies. A notable trend from last year is the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency related lawsuits, triggering the SEC to announce a crackdown on the industry. This is why different industries have called 2019 the make or break year for these technologies. Come hear what is in store for laws and litigation regarding digital currencies and blockchains.

Join us at ACI’s Legal Forum on Cryptocurrency that will deliver key insights and practical updates on the complex minefield of the regulatory and enforcement developments and how to minimize compliance risks.

Topics include:

  • Creating a legal framework or adding supporting regulations specific to these technologies
  • New laws that protect cryptocurrency and blockchain owners, traders and investors
  • Government enforcement actions and litigation
  • The current landscape on state-level and international crypto laws and regulations
  • The sanctions-related landscape for crypto
  • Updates on SEC rules around token sales
  • How and when AML laws and regulations apply to cryptocurrency

Event Contacts

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