Assessing Clean, Green and Natural Beauty: A Deep Dive into Definitions, Limitations, and Potential Liabilities for the Beauty Industry

March 28, 2019 1:45pm

What is it about?



  • Addressing the challenges with the lack of definition of the word “natural” by the FDA
  • What are the implications and risks associated with labeling cosmetics and personal care products as “natural”
    • Assessing the challenges with labeling products as “preservative free” and natural preservatives
  • Making other “trendy” claims such as vegan, gluten free, peanut free, and others
  • Analyzing the current litigation landscape where plaintiffs have challenged the use of the word “natural”?
    • Assessing the problems with a water based product of “preservative-free” “ or all natural which would include natural preservatives” and may well lead to mold, bacteria, and microcontaminants
  • What is the current standard for USDA requirement for “organic” and how does this apply to cosmetics?
  • Lessons learned from FDA requirements for natural versus synthetic flavors and how the cosmetics industry adapt to these standards


Clean Beauty and Sustainability


  • Examining NAD pronouncements on advertising of “clean beauty” products and their implications
  • Addressing the impact of companies producing products which are “green” for the purposes of sustainability and being environmentally friendly
  • Establishing evidentiary support for products that are “green”
  • Assessing the current class action litigation landscape when consumers challenge the viability of “clean beauty” products