Assessing the Risks and Benefits of Social Media Influencers and Paid Promoters of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

March 28, 2019 4:00pm

What is it about?

In today’s advertising realm, companies have a variety of avenues to choose from as social media outlets have given influencers, paid promoters, and celebrities a voice. These outlets have extreme weight to consumers
who rely on reviews and product assessment before making a purchase.

In this session, our speakers will explore the weight of these influencers and paid promoters as well as the FTC regulatory guidelines for improper influencer marketing.


Points of discussion will include:

  • Creating an effective strategy of marketing and advertising in the cosmetics and personal care products space using social media, the internet, YouTube channels, and other avenues
    • Devising ways to prevent or counteract trolls, fake reviews by competitors, or other adverse marketing methods
  • Exploring the impact of FTC warning letters on influencers and paid promoters in social media
  • Examining FTC guidelines on influencer marketing on social media including the use of hashtags
  • Understanding the relationship between the cosmetics company and influencers/ promoters who market products but don’t mention they are paid to do so
    • Examining potential liability concerns