Assessing the Risks of using CBD and Hemp Oil in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products In Light of the Passage of the Farm Bill

March 28, 2019 11:00am

What is it about?

The use of CBD’s generally and hemp oil containing CBD’s is of great interest in many consumer products including cosmetics and personal care products. Products derived from hemp have low concentrations of THC – the
hallucinogenic component of cannabis. This panel will explore the controversy and contention concerning the use of CBD.


  • Reviewing the impact of the Farm Bill on hemp products that contain CBD’s
  • Interpreting the FDA laws and regulations that govern cosmetics and applying them to hemp and CBD products, in light of the pronouncements of the FDA Commissioner following passage of the Farm Bill
    • Reviewing FDA’s historic position on personal care products which have been distributed in the U.S. following the DEA’s issuance of its 2003 Guidance document.
  • Recognizing that while the Farm Bill provides preemption of state laws governing hemp usage due to limited Federal Preemption of cosmetic regulation, issues could arise under state cosmetic laws