Crisis Management: Learning How to Protect Your Brand When Things Go Wrong

March 29, 2019 1:00pm

What is it about?

In today’s current climate, consumers are quick to complain about a product via social media channels. Consumers’ posts can go viral in minutes and a company’s brand, reputation, and image can be altered quickly. The court of public opinion can have huge weight and influence among consumers. In this session, our speakers will address the “ins and outs” of brand protection and how you can respond effectively to a public relations fallout when things go wrong:


  • Assessing the “first call” to make when your brand’s reputation is in danger
  • Managing and addressing all sides of crisis management:
    • Science
    • Intellectual Property
    • Legal
    • Public Affairs/Perception
  • Devising strategies for your company when a counterfeit hits the market and consumers are in danger of harmful ingredients
    • Creating counterfeit prevention measures to protect your brand
  • Establishing early prevention plans and ways to monitor a crisis before it starts