Riding the Coattails: The Latest Developments in Class Action Litigation Affecting the Cosmetics Industry

March 29, 2019 9:00am

What is it about?

  • Overview of the current survey of class action litigation in the cosmetics space
  • Exploring how plaintiffs are looking to state consumer protection activity to find their next cause of action
  • Comparing a state-by-state analysis of consumer protection statutes
  • Examining slack- fill litigation: challenges with weights and measures
    • Assessing the functional reason for false bottoms on jars
    • Addressing defective pumps preventing access to containers
  • Assessing the arguments made by plaintiffs at the class certification phase
    • Using consumer purchasing experts to provide an analysis of the economic damage suffered by plaintiffs
    • Overcoming the obstacles posed when plaintiffs try to disguise personal injury  claims as economic damage claims
  • Devising strategies to defeat class certification