The New Face of Acquisitions: What Indie Companies Can Expect When Larger Companies Takes Over their Business

March 29, 2019 11:00am

What is it about?

The proliferation of smaller “indie” cosmetics companies has marked a shift in the industry. Larger and more established cosmetic companies are seeking to acquire these smaller companies in order to attract younger consumers with seemingly disposable incomes. As a result, the acquisition challenges unique to the cosmetics industry cannot be ignored. In this session, our speakers will address how to overcomes these obstacles and establish best practices for a seamless transition. Points of discussion will include:


  • Assessing the legal and compliance challenges associated with the acquisition of smaller “indie” companies with larger more established companies
  • Devising strategies to create a seamless transition when the acquisition process is complete
  • Developing a comprehensive business plan for the acquisition process
  • Addressing consumer perceptions when different brands are under the same umbrella
  • Overcoming the difficulties associated with marketing products post-acquisition