The Politics and Policies of Beauty: Deciphering the Implications of Proposed Legislative Reform for the Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Industries in 2019

March 28, 2019 8:45am

What is it about?

In recent years, several bills have been introduced in Congress presenting differing policies on how cosmetics should be regulated. The Feinstein and Schakowsky bills were based upon the premise that cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients required significant additional regulatory oversight to protect public health and safety. The bill proposed to tax companies by levying significant fees to support expanded FDA oversight. The Sessions bills represented a different approach where National Uniformity was a key focus along with enhancing FDA’s authority. Topics of discussion will include:


  • Examining the key differences in approach of each of the bills and the affect that the proposed change in the FDA’s oversight would have on the cosmetics industry.
  • Understanding the political forces that are at work and the significance of the Senate HELP and House Energy and Commerce Committee’s interest in cosmetic reform legislation
  • Assessing the importance of the findings of the FDA’s Survey on allergens in cosmetics
  • Reviewing the history of the legislative process from the beginning when political forces were in play
    • Understanding different approaches in the industry’s role spearheaded by two different industry groups with varying approaches
  • Discussing the changes in the Congressional landscape after the mid-term elections and where cosmetic reform falls amongst current legislative initiatives