The PhRMA Code, OIG Guidance, AdvaMed Code, Sunshine Act and Aggregate Spend Laws, HIPAA, and FCPA — all have been implemented in part to prevent future abuses in the life sciences industries as well as to present a framework for compliance.
Be part of the one life sciences compliance event that will help you put everything into perspective.

Severe financial penalties, corporate guilty pleas and individual accountability are only some of the present and dangerous realities that require every life sciences company, from start-ups to mid-size companies to industry giants to have an effective compliance program in effect. It is essential for in-house counsel and executives at all levels to have an in-depth comprehension of compliance related issues. They must be able to develop fixes for existing compliance deficiencies and prevent and potential problems from arising in the future. They must also be able to see the interdepartmental ties that bind compliance in multiple areas of a corporation and understand the role compliance plays in a company’s overall corporate structure and infrastructure.

To assist with these compliance challenges and to help shine a light on the set of complex compliance laws and regulations, ACI is proud to present its “Life Sciences Compliance Boot Camp”. We have designed this program to provide in-house counsel and executives at all levels with an in-depth understanding of the blueprint of compliance as well as how new legislation and ongoing civil and criminal enforcement actions will impact future compliance related matters. Attend this conference and learn to recognize the key components which bind compliance in multiple sectors and understand how these links shape your compliance program overall.

Create a flexible and fluid compliance infrastructure. Implement best practices. Fine-tune existing compliance protocols.

A faculty of leading compliance officers, renowned in-house counsel, expert attorneys and top consultants will give you practical, hands on advice for fine-tuning your existing compliance program and preventing future compliance missteps. They will help you:

  • Devise strategies for implementing, improving and refining your compliance infrastructure
    • take stock of your current program and implement effective changes in light of current events
    • look at compliance globally
    • incorporate the best audit and risk evaluation techniques to minimize exposure
    • communicate your compliance platform
  • Understand how new legislation, technology and the ongoing evolution of healthcare reform will affect compliance protocols
  • Assess the impact of civil and criminal enforcement actions on:
    • fraud and abuse prevention
    • pricing
    • medical affairs
    • advertising and promotion: regulation, off-label concerns and medical affairs
    • privacy and security
    • manufacturing

This in-depth course will guide you with the most practical and current information available to strengthen your compliance understanding and provide you with strategies to enhance your performance in a compliance related role. Whether you are first starting out in the life sciences industry or an experienced professional, you will gain from the valuable course discussions and networking opportunities. Register now by calling 1-888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 1-877-927-1563, or registering online.


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