Exploring the Intersection Between High Tech AI, Data Mining, Discovery and Patent Protection

May 17, 2019 2:00pm

Mike Borella

Mike Borella
MBHB (Chicago, IL)

FDA is approving an increasing number of mobile apps and digital health systems. This panel will discuss the most current practical strategies in protecting the latest technological advances in the life sciences industry. Detail discussions will address: PART 1: Discovering the Latest Innovations in High Tech AI and Digital Health Patent Protection:
  • A brief overview of what is Machine Learning and AI and what is its position in the Life Sciences Industry
  • Analyzing the latest patent challenges associated with Apps and sensors
  • Determining which parts of the AI and digital health engineering products are patentable
  • How will the future of patent protection be altered due to data being generated through the technology?
PART 2: Demystifying Data Mining, Discovery and the Quality of Patents
  • Discovering the latest data being generated: How this data can be utilized to increase the quality of patent protection
  • Unique Inventions: How to maximize and leverage protection through creative patent protection strategies
  • Setting out a claims strategy for inventions incorporating machine learning