Workshop — Master Class on Drafting Life Sciences Patent Applications In the U.S., Europe, and Asia

Aug 2020

Deborah Lu
Duane Morris (New York, NY)

Adrian Bradley
Cleveland Scott York (Thames Valley Reading, UK)

Drafting patents claims in the life sciences sphere is complex and requires the right amount of substance to ensure their success. Questions surrounding life sciences patentable subject matter in the United States as well as Europe are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. This workshop will help cut through the complexity and offer solutions for successful patenting strategies as well as global commercialization in the life sciences sector.

Points of discussion will include:

  • Review of patent drafting, and the application process for drugs and biologics around the world
  • Understanding different patent offices’ interpretation for a patentable claim relative to the life sciences arena
  • Drafting claims for protection across different jurisdictions for drugs and biologics
  • Discussing latest case law in relevant jurisdictions and interpreting their results
  • Developing drafting strategies for effectively conveying that the life sciences invention meets the patentable subject matter tests in different international jurisdictions
  • Best practices when applying for patents in the U.S. | Europe | Asia
  • Understanding the variety of options available to maximise the scope of protection
  • Understanding how life sciences patent drafting and application strategies vary from country to country and office to office for multinational companies
  • Examining the corporate in-house process for drafting claims
  • Finding solutions to common drafting dilemmas in the life sciences sphere, e.g., the Abraxis case?