Learn how industry professionals are navigating the shifting landscape in disability claims

Traditional disability claims are evolving. There is now a greater volume of long term, short term, individual and ERISA claims surfacing in the industry, coupled with an unveiling of new DOL regulations on group long term disability, and recent case law addressing the appropriate standard of review in these matters.   This conference will address these matters and provide a forum where plaintiffs and defense lawyers can meet and discuss practical solutions and tips for handling these claims throughout the various stages of litigation – including pre-litigation, discovery, trial, mediation, settlement, and appeal.   You’ll get the latest information on the most pressing disability law concerns, including:
  • The new complexities of filing a claim
  • Strategies for recovering benefits when faced with mounting obstacles
  • Insights on the skills needed to protect your client’s interests
  • Tactics for successfully forging a defense against weak claims and overbroad discovery requests
  • Practical tips, strategies and solutions needed for every stage of the claims process
  Some must-attend sessions:
  • Preparing For the Implementation of the New DOL Regulations on Disability Claims
  • Exploring the Emergence of RICO Allegations in Disability Claims Benefits Cases
    This is your one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet with colleagues (and opponents) to assess your best move, and anticipate what the other side is thinking.   In-House insights from:
Peter M. Kelly Peter M. Kelly Deputy General Counsel & Chief Employee Benefits Counsel Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Ian Linker Ian Linker Senior Counsel MetLife
Melissa C. Williams Melissa C. Williams Lead Counsel, Legal CUNA Mutual Group
  Join our faculty of renowned judges, leading plaintiff and defense attorneys, medical and vocational experts, claims professionals, disability consultants, independent medical examiners, risk managers, reinsurers, carriers and insurers as we explore the latest challenges, developments and innovations in disability law.