Agenda At-A-Glance

Day One, Thursday, January 21, 2016

7:15 Continental Breakfast and Registration 8:00 Co-Chairs’ Welcoming Remarks 8:05 In-House Roundtable: Counsel and Claims Professional Insights on New and Emerging Issues in Disability Insurance Claims
  • Panel 1 8:05 – 9:05
  • Panel 2 9:05 – 10:05
10:05 Morning Coffee Break 10:15 Disability Case Law Year in Review: What Are the High Courts Saying? Discussing and Analyzing the Key ERISA & Non-ERISA Case Law Developments from 2015, and What They Mean for Your Practice in 2016 11:05 The Battle Over Discretionary Clauses Continues: An Update on State Discretionary Bans, the Latest Case Law Developments Stemming from These Bans, and Examining the Ultimate Impact of a Discretionary Clause/Ban on a Disability Case 12:00 Networking Lunch for Speakers and Delegates 12:55 The Evolving State of New Remedies and Equitable Relief Under ERISA 502(a)(3): The Latest Court Decisions Affecting the New Remedies Landscape, the Fallout from Rochow v. LINA, Strategies for Addressing 502(a)(3) Relief Claims, and More 1:45 Tackling the Latest Discovery Issues in Disability Claim Actions from Both the Plaintiff and Defense Perspectives – Conflict of Interest Discovery, the Scope of the Administrative Record, E-Discovery, Proportionality Arguments, and Beyond 2:40 Effectively Approaching and Utilizing the IME’s Evaluation, Treating Physician’s Opinion, the FCE, Neuropsych Evaluations, Medical Records and More 3:55 Afternoon Break 4:05 The Latest Vocational Issues in Disability Claims: The Assessment of Own Occupation, Any Occupation, Dual Occupation and Employability; Defining Occupation in the National Economy; and Determining a Claimant’s Entitlement to Full or Partial Disability Benefits 5:20 On Reinsuring Your Disability Risk: the Most Frequently Raised Reinsurer Defenses for Non-Payment 5:45 Contractual Limitations Periods in the Post-Heimeshoff Era: A Circuit-by-Circuit Analysis of the Latest Relevant Court Decisions and Their Implications 6:30 Conference Adjourns to Day Two

Day Two, Friday, January 22, 2016

7:30 Continental Breakfast 7:50 The View From the Bench 9:10 The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Use in Conducting a Disability Claim Investigation 9:55 Morning Coffee Break 10:05 A Mediation Tactical Tool-Kit: Hear from the Perspectives of the Plaintiff, the Defense and the Mediator on Strategies for Effective Mediation and Overcoming Frequently Arising Challenges and Hurdles in the Process 11:15 Mental Disorders and Other Limited Conditions – Tackling the Challenges of Handling Mental/ Nervous Claims and Establishing Objective Proof of Subjective, “Non-Visible” Disorders 12:30 Networking Lunch for Speakers and Delegates 1:25 An In Depth Look at Continuing and Emerging Topics in IDI and LTD Claims: The Latest on “Appropriate Care,” Total vs. Residual Disability, Legal vs. Factual Disability, Accident vs. Sickness, and Beyond 2:15 Dealing with Social Security Awards, Calculating Offsets and Handling Overpayments in Disability Cases 3:10 Afternoon Break 3:20 Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege During Disability Claim Handling (1 Ethics Credit) 4:20 What’s New in Bad Faith Litigation? An Update on the Latest Trends Being Seen in Unreasonable Delay and Wrongful Denial Bad Faith Claims; Defining the Duty and Remedies; and Strategies for Developing the Bad Faith Case or Defense 5:10 Conference Ends