An In Depth Look at Continuing and Emerging Topics in IDI and LTD Claims: The Latest on “Appropriate Care,” Total vs. Residual Disability, Legal vs. Factual Disability, Accident vs. Sickness, and Beyond

January 22, 2016 1:25pm

Evan S. Schwartz

Schwartz Law PC / Quadrino Schwartz

  • Examining the continued struggle in interpreting/applying the “Appropriate Care” standard in LTD claims – When and under what circumstances can the failure to treat a medical condition lead to the termination of a claimant’s long term disability benefits?
  • An up-to-date discussion of the latest trends and developments relating to:
    • Total Disability vs. Residual Disability
    • Legal Disability vs. Factual Disability
    • Accident vs. Sickness
  • Recent rise in state regulators’ concerns about disability insurance claim handling procedures/practices