Disability Case Law Year in Review: What Are the Courts Saying? Discussing and Analyzing the Key ERISA & Non-ERISA Case Law Developments Including the Montanile and Wurtz decisions, and What They Mean for Your Practice in 2017 and Beyond

February 1, 2017 9:45am

John J. Myers
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC

Denise M. Clark
Founding Partner
Clark Law Group, PLLC

Blaire Bruns Johnson
Edison, McDowell & Hetherington LLP

  • Montanile: recoupment of SSDI and WC overpayments in light of the Supreme Court decision
  • Wurtz: Offsets against benefits
  • Harlick: The administrative review process and the waiver rule
  • Forum shopping and motion practice being used to transfer venue
  • Filing suit immediately after the insurer’s deadline to decide a claim has expired
  • Attorney’s fees motions
  • The application of ERISA church plan exemptions as applied to hospitals and health organizations
  • Rescission: what constitutes material representation?
  • Remedies