Preparing for The Inevitable: Defense Preparedness for LTC COVID-19 -Related Lawsuits

August 18, 2020 1:30pm

Myla R. Reizen
K & L Gates (Miami, FL)

Heather N. Bokor
Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Interim
Compliance Services, University of Florida Health (Gainesville, FL)

Examining Response Plans
  • Ensuring that COVID-19 response plans are agile and fluid enough to meet evolving CDC and HHS/CMS guidance’s in addition to other applicable federal, state and local guidance’s
  • Complying with federal and state mandated transparency and notification requirements
  • Examining infection prevention response plans pre- and post-COVID to demonstrate compliance with existing guidelines
  • Updating timelines daily to document fluidity in responding to evolving guidance

  • Implementing an agile and effective record keeping compliance program
  • Writing it all down: understanding the profound importance of documentation and why it is the key to a successful defense in the LTC arena
  • Developing lists and keeping checklists of all applicable activity to demonstrate the highest standards of care
  • Documenting infection control procedures as well as good deeds

Task forces and Committees
  • Establishing internal COVID-19 task forces to address COVID-related challenges and implement procedures