With New York as a leader in the development of legal malpractice issues, ACI has put together a national faculty that will congregate at the Andaz Wall Street on October 24-25, 2016 and provide novel insights and strategies addressing the latest challenges including:  
  • What does an LPL policy cover and what does a cyber policy cover?
  • Attorneys’ being sued by third-parties
  • Claims against attorneys’ providing wills, trusts, and estates services to baby boomers
  • Social media: What are lawyers supposed to do about their LinkedIn pages or Facebook pages and social media in jury selection, jury monitoring and jury investigation
  • Law firm general counsel: what they do internally in order to manage and stave off risk?
  Overcome these and other key challenges at American Conference Institute’s Advanced Forum on LPL/LEGAL MALPRACTICE, the highest level event on the market. Sessions include:
    • Emerging Theories of Liability; Client Required Indemnity Agreements Resulting in Increased Liabilities and Exposure to Law Firms; Engagement Letters and Whether They Should Be Secured; Client Selection and Avoiding “Bad” Clients; and the Trend Involving Carriers Suing Defense Counsel
    • LPL Insurance Marketplace Update: Cases, People, and Disputes Creating Exposure for Attorneys and Law Firms; Contracting Market for Small Law Firms; Increase in Frequency of Disciplinary Proceedings; and Trends in Claims, Coverage, and Underwriting
    • View from the Plaintiffs’ Bar
    • Cyber Liability and Data Breach Concerns for Attorneys and Law Firms: Understanding the Exposure, Understanding the Cyber Policies; How Much Coverage May Be Enough?; How to Keep Maintaining Client Confidences?; And What Is Covered under a Cyber Policy and What under an LPL policy?
    • Potential Liability with respect to Quickly Developing and Changing Social Media Landscape: Best Practices for Making Sure that Attorneys Don’t End Up with Clients They Never Intended to Represent and the Ethics of Using Social Media in Jury Selection, Monitoring, and Investigation
    • Third-Party Claims against Attorneys and Judiciary Law, Section 487 Developments: What Are the Third-Party Claims?; What Are the Coverage Implications?; and a Brief Examination of When Section 487 Gets Triggered and How It Is Being Used
    • Mediation and Arbitration in the Professional Liability Context and Successfully Representing a Client at Both
    • The Interplay between Legal Ethics and Legal Malpractice: How to Handle Disciplinary Actions?, Understanding How the Disciplinary Committees Work, and Ways of Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and Understanding a Fine Line Drawn in regard to Tripartite Relationships
    • Law Firm General Counsel Roundtable: Should Law Firms Have Them, What Should Their Role Be, How Do They Identify and Manage Risk, and What Are Their Strategies for Reducing Exposure?
    • Trying a Case and Strategies for Handling Legal Malpractice Cases: Emerging Trial Issues, New Defenses and Novel Ideas, and Circumstances under which It Can Be Appropriate to Admit Negligence
    • Estates, Trusts and Probate Lawyers’ Liability
    • Succession Planning and “Aging Out” of Attorneys: Developing a Comprehensive Strategy for Succession Planning, Effects of Advancing Age on Lawyers’ Abilities to Adequately Represent Clients and Challenges Associated with Defending Attorneys with Impaired Intellectual Capacity
Be Sure to also book for the master class:Law Firm Network Security, Privacy & Cyber Liability.   This event will fill up quickly, so register now by calling 1-888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 1-877-927-1563, or registering online.


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