Insuring International and Cross Border M&A Transactions: Assessing the Dynamics of Insuring Global M&A Risk, With a Focus on Market Outlook, Complications, and Key Considerations

October 26, 2016 5:00pm

What is it about?


  • Assessing the evolution of cross-border M&A deals involving R&W insurance and its foreign counterparts
  • Where are the new growth markets?
  • Key jurisdictions for cross-border M&A deals, and issues unique to those jurisdictions
  • Best practices for underwriting international risk
  • Considerations when insuring cross-border M&A deals
  • Complications that arise from cross-border deals that involve a mix of U.S. R&W insurance and overseas warranty and indemnity (W&I) insurance
  • Determining which transactional insurance product, or products, to use when engaging in a cross-border deal
  • Discrepancies between pricing structures for R&W policies and W&I policies
  • How does due diligence in the U.S. compare to due diligence in other jurisdictions?



  • When going abroad, what do Directors and Officers have to be concerned about?
  • How to effectively place business internationally given that U.S. policies aren’t necessarily written with claims in mind that are increasing in frequency around the world
  • What to think about when considering getting insurance coverage with local companies
  • Admitted vs. non-admitted companies
  • Indemnification issues
  • Emergence of “cross-border class actions”
  • Cover-holder status: Will this effectively change how insurance will be bought?
  • Insolvency issues as they relate to D&O liability around the world
  • What’s the forecast for the future? What can we expect as the next big thing in international cooperation?