Analyzing Emerging Hospital and Provider Merger Enforcement

June 10, 2021 12:30pm

Alex Bryson
Attorney, Mergers IV
Federal Trade Commission

Lumi Nodit
Assistant Attorney General
Washington Attorney General’s Office Antitrust Division

Peter J. Mucchetti
Clifford Chance US LLP

This panel will discuss developments in hospital merger enforcement under the new administration. Critical considerations include geographic extension or cross-market mergers and vertical consolidation
between hospitals and other types of providers. Critical points of discussion include:

  • Analyzing potential vertical effects for proposed mergers as the lines between providers and insurers continue to blur
  • Investigating cross-market healthcare provider mergers, assessing whether cross-market mergers affect competition
    • Examining the types of evidence enforcers seek to assess cross-market issues
  • Determining how traditional horizontal hospital and provider mergers will evolve and the future of investigations