IPR attacks at the USPTO…new litigation involving non-practicing entities and patent assertion entities … increasingly strict subject matter patentability, written description, and obviousness standards- These developments signal that 2016 will continue to be a period of uncertainty and upheaval for the medical device patent community.

In response to the daunting challenges facing the medical device industry, ACI’s Advanced Summit on Medical Device Patents provides a forum for the key players – preeminent in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, the PTO, and judges – to unite and share their collective intellectual property knowledge.

In this time of sweeping changes and with such high stakes in the lucrative medical device market, this industry-specific intellectual property conference will provide you with the certainty in your claiming and defense strategies which you need more than ever. Walk away from this event with cutting-edge medical device patent strategies- prosecution and litigation- to immediately incorporate into your practice.

A selection of topics to be discussed this year include:

  • How to Strategically use IPRs for Medical Device Patents
  • Protecting Medical Device Patents in Light of Increasingly Strict Subject Matter Patentability, Written Description, and Obviousness Standards
  • In-House Roundtable: Strategic Considerations for Limiting Liability and Managing and Reducing Costs in Medical Device Patent Prosecution and Litigation
  • View from the Bench: The Judicial Perspective on Medical Device Patent Litigation
  • The Present Willfulness Standard: Analyzing the Necessity of Non-Infringement Opinions in view of Recent Case Law
  • ETHICS and Medical Device IP: Special Concerns for PTAB Practice

AND, a half-day post-conference workshop: Sailing Around the World: The ins and outs of Designing a Cohesive International Patent Strategy

To further networking opportunities, we will again be co-locating this event with our Life Sciences Patents conference.

Register now by calling 888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563 or registering online at registering online.

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