Data Privacy Restrictions on Investigations, Third Party Screening and Audits: A Rundown of the Most Common Missteps that Can Heighten Risks for Your Organization in the EU and Russia

June 27, 2018 2:00pm

Rachel Lei
Associate General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
GATX Corporation

Christopher Veatch
Perkins Coie LLP

Former Chief, National Security & Cybercrimes Section, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois

  • How far you can go with your screening, due diligence or investigation without committing a criminal act under foreign data privacy laws
  • How EU and Russian regulators have interpreted data privacy vs. U.S. regulators
  • Obstacles to accessing third party data and following up on questionnaires
  • Reconciling “cooperation” with U.S. agencies’ and conflicting EU data privacy restrictions
  • Challenges to screening candidates for internships, boards and employment without running afoul of privacy restrictions
  • Cross-border transmitter issues: How to access emails and other online data
  • Data privacy issues when responding to a U.S. subpoena