2024 Expert Speakers Included

General Gary Brito
Commanding General

Brigadier General Geoffrey Norman
Director, Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team
U.S. Army

Major General David Wilson
Commanding General
U.S. Army Sustainment Command

Lieutenant General (Ret’d) Guy Swan III
Former Commanding General, U.S. Army North

Major General (Ret’d) Doug Crissman
Former Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Central

Warren Sponsler
Chief Operating Officer
National Advanced Mobility Consortium

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About the Conference

Over the past year it has been demonstrated that the continued importance of combat vehicles in modern battle, cannot be overstated. In an era where military capabilities and strategic operations are inextricably linked with cutting-edge technology and innovation, the need for modernization of aging combat/armored vehicles along with introducing new warfighter protection, lethality, and maneuverability capabilities across all domains, including the fundamental land domain, has become key priority area for the U.S. Military.

With its unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology, expert insights, and industry connections, the National Congress on Next Generation Combat Vehicles stands as a crucial catalyst in driving the advancements that shape the U.S. and global defense capabilities.

The Conference runs under Chatham House rule with no media or press in attendance. Participants are strictly vetted; certain citizens are not admitted to the conference.

Learn about development & testing of new combat warfighting capabilities for speed, range, and reliability.

Hear discussions on facilitating the rapid acquisition of increased capabilities.

Address the needs of a changing operational environment necessitating a change to how combat vehicles are not only developed but sustained over time.

Discuss the latest developments in acquisition, training, testing and practice from across all domains.

Top Organizations that have Attended

  • ADS Inc
  • Air Combat Command
  • Air Land Sea Space Application Center
  • American Rhein Metall Defense
  • ATI
  • Australian Department of Defense
  • Belding Tool and Machine
  • DCR
  • Defense Innovation Unit-Expermental
  • Department of Defense
  • DEVCOM-Armament Center
  • DHS
  • Everfox
  • Exiger Government Solutions
  • General Dynamics and Systems
  • HQDA G8
  • Industrial Base Policy, Department of Defense
  • Joint Program Executive Office for Armaments and Ammunition
  • Joint Staff J8
  • Lawrence Technological University
  • National Advanced Mobility Consortium
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Key Features of Next Generation Combat Vehicles Events

Insights from Three Generals

Join our Esteemed Generals as they share their insights and strategies on topics ranging from Outlining Critical Requirements Ensuring Strategic Superiority in the Next Generation of Warfare, to Navigating the Delicate Balance Between Survivability and Mobility in Future Acquisition and Prototyping Endeavors.

Expert Led
Panel Discussions

Explore the forefront of innovation by participating in our panel discussions on Hybrid Electrification: The Future of Vehicle Sustainment, Shaping Future Battlefields: Robotic Combat Vehicles and Human-Machine Integrating Formations and more.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

Seize the opportunity to expand your professional network where like-minded individuals and industry trailblazers come together to foster connections, share insights, and explore collaborative possibilities in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the leading minds in hypersonic research! I loved the panels and discussions on current challenges and progress, and I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue and questions from the group during the Warfighter Integration panel. I look forward to attending this conference again next year!”
—Joint Innovation & Experimentation Division U.S. Navy, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM J81)
“Great speakers covering a wide variety of topics… impactful presentations.”
—Lead Defense & Security – National Research Council Canada
“Candid discussions and breadth of topics.”
—CEO Sphere Brake Defense
“Knowledgeable presenters… very good job by ACI Team.”
—President, Cresend Technologies