Lieutenant General (Ret’d) Guy Swan III

Former Commanding General U.S. Army North

Major General (USA-ret) Douglas C. Crissman

Former Deputy Commanding General U.S. Army Central

Col Warren Sponsler (USA-ret)

Chief Operating Officer National Advanced Mobility Consortium

Distinguished Speakers

General Gary Brito

Commanding General TRADOC

Brigadier General Geoff Norman

Director, Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team U.S. Army

Brigadier General Phillip N. Frietze, US Marine Corps

Assistant Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration US Marine Corps

Major General David Wilson

Commanding General U.S. Army Sustainment Command

Major General Robert L. Barrie, Jr.

Deputy for Acquisition and Systems Management Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) U.S. Army

Colonel James M. Modlin, Jr.

Deputy Commandant U.S. Army Armor School

Colonel Jeff Jurand

Program Manager XM30 Combat Vehicle U.S. Army

Major Jeffrey Jennings

Raider Brigade XO, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division U.S. Army

LTC (USA-ret) Stuart Hatfield

Chief Robotics Branch HQDA Force Development Directorate, Army G-8

Dr. Naim Lee

Chief Evaluator Land Warfare U.S. Joint Staff J8*

Andrew Kerbrat

Associate Director for Vehicle Electronic and Architecture U.S. Army

Dr. Robert Sadowski

Chief Roboticist U.S. Army

Josiah Fay

Armaments Center Project Officer DEVCOM

Marty J. Barr

Capability Development Specialist, Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team US Army Futures Command

Brent G. Ingraham

Executive Director, Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell, Acquisition & Sustainment Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

Ted Maciuba

P.E., Consultant, Robotics, AI and Technology, Former Deputy Director Maciuba Consulting LLC, Army Robotics Requirements, MCDID

Joseph Pipczynski, Jr

Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing & Business Development ScioTeq

Kurt Bruck

Vice President Neya Robotics

Fred Jones

Senior Technical Fellow, Cybersecurity Research RTX

Mike Rodgers

U.S.- Ukraine Liaison Officer Ukrainian Army