The Cost and Worth of a Patent: The Economics of a Paragraph IV Challenge

April 23, 2018 1:05pm

Brian Anderson
Vice President & Assistant General Counsel, IP Litigation
Allergan (Madison, NJ)

Carrie Distler
Senior Managing Director Forensic and Litigation Consulting
FTI Consulting, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

Stephanie Donahue
Senior Director, Patent Litigation
Sanofi (New York, NY)

Kelly Y. Hwang
Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik LLP (Westfield, NJ)

Meg Snowden
VP, Intellectual Property
Impax Laboratories (Hayward, CA)

  • Conducting IP and economic due diligence assessments for brand name and generic manufacturers, including such matters as NCE exclusivity, patent positions, screenings and alleged product hopping
    • Factoring-in R&D considerations and market trends
    • Analyzing available exclusivities, both regulatory and patent
  • Assessing key litigation considerations and related costs for pharmaceutical patent challenges
  • Mastering the art of budgeting, forecasting, and aligning litigation costs with business goals
  • Exploring cost saving options in litigation, including alternate billing, contingency clauses and outside funding
  • Examining value of licensing deals and structures
  • Calculating the costs and analyzing the benefits of settlement