A Town Hall with the Magistrate Judges*

April 30, 2019 9:15am

What is it about?

Limited to 40 attendees* in each session – each attendee can only attend one Magistrate Judge led session.

*To ensure a fair balance of brand name and generic participation, all interested parties will be prequalified before registering. Please click here to register for the tracks .



When to Reduce Claims and Defenses to a Manageable Level in Paragraph IV Litigation

  • Utilizing claim reduction during scheduling negotiations to avoid excessive patent claims
  • Deciding when to oppose consolidation of new actions in litigation based on patents issuing from new applications
  • Determining when to demand that claims to be tried are representative of all asserted claims and give ride to estoppel



How to Masterfully Manage Protective Order Disputes

  • When to seek limitation on prosecution and regulatory bars
  • Deciding how many tiers of confidentiality should be designed and who many access confidential information within each tier
  • Best practices for expanding or limiting the scope of protective order provisions



Practical Strategies and Tactics for
Effective Settlement Negotiation

  • Developing timelines for business and legal milestones relatives to terms of the settlement
  • Understanding the application of antitrust law’s “rule of reason” to pharmaceutical patent settlements
  • Examining decisions concerning pharmaceutical patent settlements