The Practice of Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation: Part I

April 29, 2019 2:00pm

Daniel DiNapoli

Daniel P. DiNapoli
Arnold & Porter LLP (New York, NY)

Vishal C. Gupta
Steptoe & Johnson LLP (New York, NY)

Sheldon Hamilton
Smart & Biggar Fetherstonhaugh (Toronto, ON)

Huong Nguyen
Litwin Law LLC (Oakland, CA)

Colman Ragan
VP & General Counsel, North America IP Litigation
Teva Pharmaceuticals

Track Moderator

Shashank Upadhye
Amin Talati Upadhye (Chicago, IL)


Advanced Pleadings Drafting:Choosing Claims and Defenses Wisely

Join us for the advanced pleadings session, where examples of good and bad pleadings will be provided COMPLAINT
  • Ensuring that all counts of the complaint are plead with specificity
  • Avoiding Rule 11 sanctions
  • Devising strategies for situations with multiple
  • ANDA fliers
  • Assessing damages prayer and request for jury trial
  • Considerations relative to willfulness
  • Choosing your defenses with prudence
  • Understanding the advantages of not pleading every defense
  • Knowing which patents to ask to delist; assessing allegations of improper Orange book listing


Guidance on Summary Judgment and Declaratory Judgment Motion Practice for Brand Names and Generics

  • Reviewing recent case law concerning declaratory judgments and judgments on the pleadings in Hatch-Waxman scenarios
  • Key takeaways and strategic concerns under § 101
  • Assessing venue implications


Seeking Damages and Assessing Value Calculations

  • Revisiting damages in an at- risk-launch scenario
  • Exploring questions of royalties, lost profits and exceptional findings
  • Examining grounds for mitigation
  • Considering the practical consequences of the Supreme Court’s WesternGeco decision on Hatch-Waxman damages awards
    • Exploring when U.S. patent owners may recover foreign lost profits tied to domestic acts of infringement under § 271(f)(2)
  • Examining cases where the relevant infringing conduct occurred in the United States