The Practice of Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation: Part II

April 30, 2019 9:15am

What is it about?


Joint Defense Groups: A Risk Benefit Analysis for the Hatch-Waxman Practitioner

  • Evaluating the benefits and detriments of joint defense groups in ANDA cases
  • Maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk by protecting join legal interests resourcefully
  • Devising brand name strategies for addressing litigation with joint defense groups
  • Establishing clear leadership at the out-set to simplify future occurrences
  • Understanding when and how many consulting firms to employ in order to avoid the “too many cooks” phenomenon



Claim Construction and the Recent Application of the Printed Matter Doctrine: Exploring Consequences for Obviousness Determinations

  • Understanding the proper role of the printed matter doctrine in obviousness determinations
  • Reviewing recent decisions outlining circumstances when it is proper to give printed matter patentable weight
    • Praxair Distribution v. Mallinckrodt Hosp. Prods. IP
  • Identifying when the application of the printed matter doctrine for claim construction is improper



Selecting and Effectively Using Expert Witnesses in Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation

  • Finding, vetting, retaining, and disclosing expert witnesses in PTAB and District Courtproceedings
  • Understanding the limitations and exclusion of testimony as evidenced by cases where judges enter Daubert orders