Legislative Activity Involving Payroll Cards; Understanding and Complying with State Payroll Laws; and Mitigating the Threat of Class Action Litigation Involving Payroll Card Products

September 27, 2016 9:15am

Keith J. Barnett
Troutman Sanders LLP

Patrick M. Burnett
Vice President & Corporate Counsel

Pam Lindula
Senior Counsel, Banking, Operations Commerce & Global Risk
Wells Fargo

  • Will other states follow suit of those with more aggressive criteria for wages being deposited to a prepaid card?
  • Will the more aggressive legislation regarding payroll cards cut this type of a prepaid card out of the market?
  • Are there ways of mitigating the threat of class action litigation over payroll products?
    • What steps can an issuer take to better oversee programs offered by employers in order to mitigate litigation risk? Are there ways to mitigate risk of litigation from a due diligence as well as from a contractual perspective?