Now in its 20th installment, ACI’s acclaimed Advanced Global Legal and Compliance Forum on Privacy & Security of Consumer and Employee Information is the premier event for privacy officers, in-house counsel, senior executives, and outside attorneys specializing in data privacy, cyber security, and information security.

Learn the latest federal and state enforcement and regulatory initiatives and benchmark your practices with the leaders in the industry!

ACI is pleased to announce the 20th Advanced Global Legal and Compliance Forum on Privacy & Security of Consumer and Employee Information. This program is the definitive source for privacy leaders and counsel to obtain practical strategies for compliance with the latest privacy regulations, laws, and best practices for safeguarding data. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to hear from and network with industry leaders at this highest level event, where you will learn how to minimize exposure and protect sensitive data while ensuring you are up to date with the emerging trends in the rapidly advancing area of data privacy and information security. Most institutions today collect, use, and disclose an enormous amount of data from their users. Their employees are exposed to significant risks as they relate to data breaches, including government penalties, litigation, and damage to reputation and good will. These risks and exposures have increased through cloud computing, social media, mobile devices and online communication. As the number of breaches increase and new regulations are pending in multiple agencies, every general counsel, privacy officer, compliance professional, IT leader, risk manager, and outside counsel working in this arena needs to understand the extent of these exposures and risks, and learn how to be proactive and compliant by having the appropriate protection and risk management practices in place. Don’t miss this rare chance to network with the nation’s preeminent privacy professionals from FTC, California AG’s Office, Mississippi AG’s Office, Delaware Insurance Commissioner, Virginia AG’s Office, Louisiana Department of Insurance, Microsoft, Network Advertising, Visa, HERE, Google, Advocate Healthcare, American Express, Alfred Mann Foundation, General Datatech L.P., SCOR, Wells Fargo, Avaya, and many others. Plus, register for the Pre and Post Conference Workshops:
  1. Pre-Conference Workshop Privacy & Security 101 9–11 am, Thursday, Oct. 13
  2. Post-Conference Workshop Information Security Department’s Processes 3–5 pm, Friday, Oct. 14

Register now by calling 888-224-2480 or faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563. You can also register online.

Venue & Accommodation

Hotel Kabuki

1625 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

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