Curbing Litigation Costs and Developing Economic Efficiencies in the Residential Mortgage Space: In-House Counsel Perspectives

October 22, 2018 1:30pm

David J. Bird
Senior Counsel
Ditech Financial LLC (Fort Washington, PA)

Clair Maloney Gammill
Assistant General Counsel and Senior Vice President Legal Department
Regions Bank (Birmingham, AL)

Jason Miller
General Counsel
Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc (Salt Lake City, UT)

Charles O. Moore
President, Central Ohio
The Middlefield Banking Company (Dublin, OH)

Alan M. Warfield
Associate General Counsel Legal Department
Branch Banking and Trust Company (BB&T) (Winston-Salem, NC)

Timothy D. Patterson
Senior Counsel - Corporate Litigation
Ditech Financial, LLC (Trophy Club, TX)


Jeffrey D. Adams
PIB Law | Parker Ibrahim & Berg LLP (Boston, MA)

Today’s residential mortgage industry is quickly adapting to transitions in federal and state agencies, amendments to key regulations, and seminal case law and court opinions impacting pivotal areas of the industry. These changes are wrought with complications and obstacles and require insight and guidance from seasoned practitioners who are in the trenches on a daily basis. As a result, the relationship between in-house and outside counsel is critical in addressing these changes and preparing for the challenges of the evolving legal, regulatory, and business landscape. In this session, in-house counsel will discuss what they expect from outside counsel, provide thoughts on the legal and regulatory challenges ahead, the importance of the litigation timeline, and alternative billing arrangements. Topics of discussion will include:
  • Selecting and retaining outside counsel to manage litigation in areas including bankruptcy, TCPA, mortgage servicing, fraud, and other niche areas of the residential mortgage arena
  • Surveying alternative billing methods other than hourly billing
  • Maintaining the litigation budget while staying within deadlines imposed by the court
  • Overcoming challenges with litigation tools such as e-discovery, technology, and other facets of the litigation that can impose multiple burdens on the company