The U.S. has imposed sweeping economic sanctions restrictions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine including sanctioning the top Russian banks, Russian oligarchs and their family members, numerous Russian entities and prohibiting new debt and equity of major Russian state-owned enterprises and privately owned financial institutions. The UK and EU have also issued their own set of sanctions restrictions.

Businesses are now confronting unprecedented and uncertain business, legal, compliance, ethical and reputational risks – without an actionable blueprint for the path forward. Many financial institutions and companies have decided to suspend or withdraw from Russia, but many questions remain on how to move forward.

ACI has created this new, interactive one-day Think Tank to delve into the very high stakes issues coming across your desk. Learn how your peers have been resolving expected (and unexpected) dilemmas and gain invaluable strategic insights on critically important questions, including:

  • High Stake Business Decisions and Dilemmas: The Latest Takeaways from Revisiting Cross-Border Sanctions, Cyber, Operations and Reputational Risk Management
  • Russia Counter Sanctions: Navigating Potential Threats and Asset Seizures for Companies Who Withdraw or Temporarily Suspend Operations
  • Managing Rapid SDN Changes and The Latest Russian Ownership Transfers: Ensuring Robust Sanctions Screening and KYC Processes
  • Evaluating the Future of Your Business in Russia: Short, Medium, and Long-Term Implications of Continuing Operations vs. a Partial or Complete Withdrawal
  • Industry Specific Breakouts: Separate sessions for financial institutions, insurance, technology