Post-Conference Workshop

May 1, 2014 9:00am

Federal Government Contracts and Pricing: FSS, VA, DOD and More

Marci Anderson
Senior Auditor
VA Office of the Inspector General

Maureen Regan
Counselor to the Inspector General
VA Office of the Inspector General

• The Department of Veterans Affairs’ delegated authority to negotiate and administer GSA FSS pharmaceutical contracts
• Determining the FSS price
– Identifying the Most Favored Commercial Customer (MFC) price
– Price adjustment clause
– Price reduction clause
– Economic price adjustment clause
– Industrial funding fee
• Defining FCP and its role in government pharmaceutical price discounts
• Calculating non-FAMP (non-Federal Average Manufacturer Price)
– What sales are included and excluded from the non-FAMP calculation?
– Defining and identifying “nominal prices”
• Examining the relationship between the price reduction clause and FCP
• Dealing with pricing calculations for transferred drugs and new drugs
• VA and DoD formularies
– Getting products on VA & DoD formularies
– Working with Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN) formularies
– Recognizing the differences between the TRICARE formulary and VA and DoD formularies in a VA hospital setting
• VA audit rights, record retention policies and penalties