Government Speakers

Bridget Van Buren

Sanctions Compliance Officer
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), U.S. Department of the Treasury (Washington, DC)

Confirmed Speakers

Michael Court

Michael Court

Associate General Counsel
Agricultural Bank of China (New York, NY)

Susan Rodihan Dupuy

Managing Director, Head of Sanctions Compliance for the Americas
Société Générale (New York, NY)

Robert Hurst

Sr. Director, Global Sanctions Compliance
PayPal (New York, NY)

Guidette P. Laracuente

Vice President, Head of Policy, Communications, Advisory, and Training
Bank of China (New York, NY)

Molly J. Miller

Senior Director, Economic Sanctions and Trade Controls
Capital One (New York, NY)

Stephanie Norris

ITC Manager - Screening and Contracts
General Electric (Washington, DC)

Brenda Perrotti

Vice President, AML Sanctions Senior Manager
PNC (East Brunswick, NJ)

Tina Shaughnessy

Director & Senior Counsel, Export/Sanctions
Varian Medical Systems (Washington, DC)

Ted Starishevsky

Vice-President, Global Head of Sanctions & Anti-Corruption, Global Financial Crimes Compliance
American Express (New York, NY)

Jonathan Thomas

Global Head, Sanctions Group
Goldman Sachs (New York, NY)