Matt Nakachi

Junker & Nakachi (San Francisco, CA)

MATT NAKACHI is a Customs attorney and principle with the San Francisco office of Junker & Nakachi. With over 15 years of focused experience in the field of customs and trade, Mr. Nakachi maintains a nationally case load.  He is known for his ability to craft unique and innovative arguments in response to complex legal problems. Mr. Nakachi resolves difficulties & disputes arising over tariff classification, valuation, admissibility, origin, marking and labeling, or any of a number of other similar regulatory issues. He advocates for clients in government audits (called Focused Assessments or QRAs), in government investigations, and in civil penalty cases, liquidated damages cases.  He advocates for clients in tariff disputes, such as rate advances, or classification rulings and he counsels clients on defensive measures, such as reasonable care letters, or prior disclosures.  Mr. Nakachi also represents clients in currency seizures, vehicle seizures, export controls, False Claims Act, Antiboycott and Buy America Act issues. Antidumping and Countervailing duties are an area of particular concern for his clients; and Mr. Nakachi is adept in providing cost effective advice in this complex area. As an administrative attorney, Mr. Nakachi's legal practice subsumes other areas of federal administrative law, including matters administered by the CPSC, DOA, DOC, DOT, EPA, FCC, FDA, F&WS, ITA, ITC, USDA, among others. As a compliance attorney, Mr. Nakachi assists clients generally in the functional application of laws and regulations within a complex supply chain. And as a practicing California attorney, Mr. Nakachi counsels clients in matters regarding California state laws, including California Unfair Competition matters, CARB enforcement, Proposition 65 enforcement, Supply Chains Transparency Act, and other California's state departures/modifications from US federal law. Representative clients include, importers, retailers, wholesalers, warehouses, distributors, trading companies, foreign manufacturers, buying agents, customhouse brokers, freight forwarders, motor carriers, sureties, and trade associations. Mr. Nakachi has substantially advised industries as diverse as: apparel, aviation & aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, building materials and structures, children's products, consumer products, electronics, firearms, furniture, food and beverages, footwear, industrial chemicals, industrial machinery, luggage, medical devices, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, plastics, semi-conductors, sporting goods, telecommunications, textiles, tools, transportation, weapons, and etc. Mr. Nakachi is a frequent speaker at trade associations, and in venues related to trade compliance. Having spent his youth in Palo Alto, California, he holds deep roots in the bay area/silicon valley.