Mr. Denis Calabrese

Denis Calabrese Company

DENIS CALABRESE is President of Denis Calabrese Company. He is a communications consultant specializing in crises communications, litigation support and media relations. Clients who have utilized Mr. Calabrese's services range from some of the largest and most respected firms in their respective fields. Examples include Allstate Insurance, AT&T, BP, Chevron, Continental Airlines, Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil, Google, Hyatt, KB Homes, McKinsey & Company, NL Industries, Sherwin Williams, and The Venetian. Other clients include small businesses and entrepreneurial startups, non-profit foundations, professional associations, public policy issue campaigns, professional sports franchises, and successful elected officials at the local, state and federal level. Mr. Calabrese is a prominent civil justice reformer and national advisor to defendants in high-stakes, high profile litigation including mass tort litigation, junk science, and settlement coercion. Mr. Calabrese currently advises or has advised numerous national and international corporations involved in significant litigation, including silicone breast implants, tobacco, lead paint, asbestos, diet drugs, mold, employment discrimination, gasoline additives, financial/investment litigation, white collar crime, and many others. He also serves as lead strategic consultant to the Texas Energy Coalition, a large group of major energy pipeline companies fighting a broad legal attack from plaintiff attorneys. He helped found and still serves as Chief Strategist for the most successful state based civil justice reform group in the nation, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, which in the past fifteen years has led the highly successful passage of sweeping and historic revisions to the state's civil justice laws. Mr. Calabrese is a graduate of Rice University with degrees in Economics and Political Science. He also has extensive Washington experience, including serving as Chief-of-Staff for a United States Congressman. An active speaker and instructor, Denis Calabrese taught an undergraduate course on public policy communications at Rice University, and had been a guest lecturer at numerous universities, seminars, conventions and training sessions, including accredited Continuing Legal Education courses.