At this one-of-a-kind, interactive forum, stakeholders from every step in the supply chain can gather to discuss the most pressing issues facing the industry during this critical time including:

  • Suspicious Order Monitoring
  • Politics and Policy of Controlled Substances
  • State and Federal Enforcement Initiatives
  Opioid abuse and related deaths have touched every state, city, and county, and the related statistics are shocking and hard to believe. As a result, federal and state authorities are going after controlled substance manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, pharmacists, physicians, nurses — anyone and everyone who has a hand in the chain of custody for these products. NOBODY IS IMMUNE.   So how do you keep up with the evolving compliance requirements and regulations for controlled substances to protect your company from unwanted investigations?  In response to this most difficult and challenging landscape, ACI has pioneered this one-of-a-kind, interactive forum where stakeholders from every step in the supply chain can gather to discuss their current challenges, benchmark strategies, and join together to best prepare for the future of this critical and fast-paced industry.   Our esteemed, top-notch speaking faculty consists of current and former officials from DEA and FDA, representatives from State Attorney General and U.S. Attorney Offices, as well as high-level in-house executives, and top outside counsel. Our speakers will provide their insights into the most pressing topics affecting the space such as:  
  • Reassessing your Responsibilities in Light of the Changing Scope of Suspicious Order Monitoring Requirements
  • Evolution of Abuse-Deterrent Opioid Drug Products
  • Understanding and Comparing State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
  • Diving into the State, County, and City Opioid-Related Investigations
  Round out your conference experience and step up your knowledge in our special workshop sessions:
  • Controlled Substances Boot Camp: Introduction to the Fundamentals
  • Simulated DEA Inspection Exercise: Is Your Facility Ready

Distinguished Co-Chairs

Christina Markus Partner and Deputy Practice Leader, FDA & Life Sciences King & Spalding LLP (Washington, DC)
Larry P. Cote Partner Quarles & Brady LLP (Washington, DC) Former Associate Chief Counsel, Diversion and Regulatory Litigation Section Drug Enforcement Administration