Post-Conference Workshop B: Simulated Dea Inspection Exercise: Is Your Facility Ready ?

Jan 31, 2018 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Benjamin Mink
Director of Compliance and Security
Miami Luken (Springboro, OH)

Brian Rucker
Former DEA Supervisory Diversion Investigator
Director of Compliance

Independent Pharmacy Cooperative (Phoenix, AZ)

Jack Teitelman
President Titan Group (New York, NY)
Former New York Division Security Special Agent U.S. Dept. of Justice-Drug Enforcement Administration

In this exercise, our DEA experts will walk attendees through a mock, unannounced DEA facility inspection and will present tips and best strategies for preparing for, completing a well-supported response, and minimizing/avoiding penalties. Our panelists will explore topics such as:
  • Evaluating internal procedures and how they fit with the ever-changing state and DEA requirements including: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development, Customer Due Diligence/ “Know Your Customer” Activities, and Physical Security Best Practices
  • Examining risk-management, inventory control issues, record-keeping and security issues, to maintain compliance and avoid unforeseen fines and/or federal charges.
  • Identifying potential diversion risks and suggestions for improvement (i.e. dispensing data analysis, 21st century pharmaceutical site evaluations, prescriber due diligence, and information gathering tools/techniques)