Human Resources Best Practices: Establishing an Internal Hiring and Monitoring Process for Your Global Workforce

June 12, 2020 10:45am

Jonathan Kim
Manager, Global Trade Compliance
Cree (Durham, NC)

Matthew Silverman
Senior Export Controls Manager
ASML (Chandler, AZ)

Part-1 Onboarding: Navigating the Line between Export Controls and Anti-Discrimination Laws

  • Risks of deemed export noncompliance
  • An update on anti-discrimination laws and their intersection with export controls
  • What is permissible when screening for nationality to satisfy export control requirements
  • Working with HR to on how to properly communicate and document nationality and export control issues with job candidates
  • How to incorporate export compliance in job descriptions and offer letters

Part-2 Ongoing Requirements: Tracking Compliance with Technology Controls for Existing Employees

  • Keeping track of changes in job descriptions and requirements for access to technology
  • Tracking changes to nationality status in compliance with employment, anti-discrimination, and privacy laws
  • Managing the global movement of employees during relocation and transfers to new roles involving access to technology
  • Managing the global workforce in line with your export authorizations