The Latest Best Practices for Avoiding Conflicts with Human Rights Laws when Employing and Transferring Dual/Third-Country Nationals

January 31, 2017 2:15pm

Brett Nelson
Compliance Manager
FAG Aerospace Inc. (Stratford, ON)

Gary Stanley
Global Legal Services, PC (Washington, DC)

  • Understanding different treatment of dual and foreign nationals between the EAR and the ITAR
  • Leveraging the ITAR 126.18 exemption
  • Overcoming challenges associated with dual citizenship and national origin pertaining to employees when your company has controlled technology
  • Adapting global screening processes to meet Canadian security requirements
  • How to recruit/hire foreign nationals and complete a security questionnaire without violating Canadian privacy and human rights laws?
  • U.S. export controls language to incorporate into offers, employment agreements and non-disclosure agreements