How to Resolve Conflicts between “Specially Designed” and “Designed or Modified” Interpretations, and Other Classification Conundrums in the U.S. and Canada

January 31, 2017 11:00am

Barbara D. Linney
Miller & Chevalier Chartered (Washington, DC)

Selena Hui-Garreaud
Directrice, Contrôles à l'exportation /
Director, Export Controls Contrats et Services juridiques

Contracts and Legal Services Bombardier -
Avions commerciaux / Commercial Aircraft (Montréal, QC)

  • Where do U.S. and Canadian export control classifications harmonize? Where do they differ? As a global organization, how can you effectively manage both?
  • How to plan your classification approach when your products or component parts moved from the USML to the CCL 600 series but haven’t reformed on the Canadian ECL
  • What are the differences in the U.S. specially designed “catch” and “release” and the Canadian “designed or modified” concept? How do you go about reconciling these differences?