Contingency Planning in Practice: Industry Decision-Makers Discuss U.S. China Trade Relations, Export Compliance-and their Blueprints for Effective Risk Management

October 22, 2020 4:30pm

Jeff Rittener
Chief Government Affairs Officer; General Manager of Governments, Markets, and Trade
Intel Corporation

Kathleen Palma
Senior Executive, International Trade Compliance


Nelson G. Dong
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Part I: What’s Keeping You Up at Night from Now Until January?

Part II: “Compare Notes” on Your Post-Election Compliance Roadmap-and Strategy for 2021

  • Current state of U.S.- China relations, and the impact on export compliance and operations
  • Crystal ball readings into the future from both potential election outcomes
  • Will the increased tariffs remain?
  • The future of controls on Hong Kong
  • Trade policies through targeting of specific Chinese companies
  • Potential retaliation from China