Tips and Strategies for Dealing with Ramped Up DOL Enforcement Policies, Targeted Investigations, Audits and Litigation; and Protecting Your Future Interests if an Audit Turns Into a Prosecution

September 26, 2016 10:30am

Jeremy Stewart
Assistant General Counsel
Kiewit Corporation

Antonio Caldarone

Laner Muchin, Ltd.

  • Update on the latest DOL wage & hour initiatives
  • Examining the current trends, practices and industries that the DOL is focusing on
  • What does the DOL’s recent shift towards a more aggressive enforcement policy mean for employers?
  • Strategies and best practices for employers who are targeted for investigation/audit – taking a more adversarial stance earlier on to protect your future interests
  • What rights do employers have during a DOL audit?
  • What types of cases are more likely to trigger litigation early on?
  • Examples of cases that fit the Wage & Hour Divisions “potential litigation” criteria
  • Best practices during the course of an audit to protect your future interests if the audit turns into a prosecution