This conference will provide a forum for women in the defense & aerospace legal and compliance community to discuss professional opportunities as to foster communication between like-minded individuals about the key legal, compliance, regulatory, and enforcement developments to impact the defense and aerospace industry in the past year.


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All presentations, a mixture of both professional development and substantive legal topics, are tailored to empower women in this space and to give women the skills necessary for continued success in the defense and aerospace industry.

Hear what past participants have to say about this one-of-a-kind event:

  • “I left this conference inspired, encouraged, and with new ideas.”
  • “The round table format and the scope of the conference were excellent. A nice change from a traditional conference.”
  • “The venue was great for intimate discussion, the size of the group was great, the content was great, and the opportunities for networking were great.”


We hope you will join us for the program designed to update women on the salient legal developments affecting the defense and aerospace legal and compliance communities as a whole and most importantly to build enduring relationships and connections with peers facing the same professional challenges.

Based on initial audience response, spaces will fill up quickly.


Event Contacts

Sponsorship Opportunities:

American Conference Institute
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Media Partnership Opportunities:

Maria Romanova
Tel: 212 352 3220 ext. 5488
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Programme Information and Speaking:

Lilli Seidman Davis
Tel: 212-352-3220 ext. 5529[email protected]