The Five Year Plan for Continual Progress: Taking the Next Step in One’s Career and Getting and Keeping a Seat at the Table

July 28, 2016 4:45pm

Alana K. Bassin
Co-Managing Partner, Minneapolis and Diversity Committee Chair
Bowman and Brooke LLP (Minneapolis, MN)

Stasia L. Ogden
Former Associate General Counsel and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
Baxalta US Inc.

Jill Harrison
Global Product Liability Counsel
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Robin Walker
Research & Business Development Counsel

Lori G. Cohen
Shareholder and Chair, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Health Care Litigation Practice
Greenberg Traurig, LLP

  • Identifying your most high-priority career goals and plans for growth and making strategic and calculated risks on the path to where you want to be
    • Internal promotions
    • Board and C-Suite positions
    • In-house v. law firm v. government
  • Determining what experience you might lack and making a plan for how to get it
    • Soliciting honest feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as a leader
    • Stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries to best enhance your skill set
  • Developing and sustaining sponsorship and mentor and mentee relationships with male and female advocates and supporters
  • Factoring external commitments and responsibilities into your decision on where you want to be